Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule
Home Up Inventory Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule


After Each Let (mandatory)

Change, wash and replace bed linen, towels (if used), bath & loo mat, tea towel

Dust and damp dust all surfaces – polish where appropriate

Polish mirrors, TV screen

Clean bath, loo, wash basin and wipe tiling

Clean toaster, bread bin, kettle, microwave, and fridge as appropriate

Clean kitchen area, worktops, oven, sink, tiling, unit doors and sides, cork floor

Check cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment properly clean

Clean patio furniture

Wipe any scuff marks from walls

Empty rubbish bins and replace liners

Vacuum throughout

Replace J Cloth

Replace loo roll,

Replace courtesy soap

Check spare light bulb

Check level of Washing Up Liquid

Check sufficient cleaning supplies

Check for cobwebs

Check windows are clean

Test all lights


Clean all windows front and back, inside and out

Dust for cobwebs

Damp wipe exposed wall areas

Clean skirting boards

Check smoke & CO detector operational

Check TV remote control operational

Check clock operational


Clean oven thoroughly

Clean outside light

Clean underside of kitchen wall units

Clean inside of kitchen units

Clean kitchen spot lights

Clean under fridge

Clean top of wardrobe

Wash shower curtain


Clean under oven

Clean inside of wardrobes and drawers

Check and clean curtains as appropriate

Check and clean soft furnishings as appropriate

Clean Carpet

Service and certificate boiler and gas cooker

Repaint walls as appropriate

Refresh Tourist Information